Learn how to be your best from the sexiest and healthiest woman in the world: Mimi Kirk. 

Mimi is a 78 year old (yes, you read that correctly) amazing lady who dedicated her life helping others and making changes in the world. As a mother, raw vegan chef,  Best Selling Author, internationally renowned lecture and so much more she doesn't let her age stop her at anything, in fact she feels like a 20-year old.

“Feeling like you're in your 20's at age 78, is quite an amazing thing... I accredit this youthful look and spirit not only to my attitude, but really to my way of eating which is a raw vegan - plant based lifestyle.”- Mimi Kirk


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Mother of four and grandmother of seven. Mimi was a showgirl in Las Vegas After she became widowed at the age of 29 she worked in the entertainment business for 17 years in numerous TV and films including Star-Trek.

Since winning the title of the “Sexiest Vegetarian over 50″, and so many people asking her secrets on health and longevity, she decided to share her life and possibly help others to transition into eating a plant based raw food diet.

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