George RedHawk, a Native American medical teacher, grow up in a big, happy family as he suddenly started to suffer from progressive retinal damage. Very soon he was declared legally blind. After losing his eyesight, he lost his freedom, job and apartment and was emotionally completely crashed! His life turned upside down but he didn't let his blindness stop him at anything.


He used art to express his feelings and that is how the “RedHawk Effect” was born!



Today he is a famous artist whose art touched millions of people worldwide. His work has been featured everywhere from the Huffington Post to the Rolling Stones Magazine.

How thankful we are that there are people like George RedHawk. This amazing guy turned his loss into a gift! Most people would be sad, angry and depressed but he found a way to continue with his life full of joy & beauty! Watch George's incredible story here. It will motivate you never to give up!

For more hypnotizing art visit George's website

Photography (from left to right) by Donna Trope, Rae Morris, Antonio Mora and Ilona Pulkstene. On covers photography by Silvia Beccaria and Semaphore

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