Magical Mind TV is a short, educational TV show about Art and Spirituality.  We are here to feed your soul not your ego and to show you art as a spiritual act. With uplifting news & views Magical Mind TV Is for your evolution! Join us on the journey of co-creating better world by discovering the ability to see the divine within us all.

Experience us also as a monthly show that features engaging personalities who take viewers behind the scenes of the art world. Based in Austria our TV show can be enjoyed by audiences both as a part of the Viennese international TV network Okto and through syndication on other networks and services across the globe.

Magical Mind TV is a part of its viewers, it exists to inspire and promote the positive side of life as well as upcoming creative talents. and that is why it stands out from the cluster of online channels that are available today. 

With intelligent and interactive programming and slick packaging, Magical Mind TV appeals to different cross sections of people offers a diverse mix of uniquely immersive entertainment ranging from visual art, 3d mapping, design, experimental to classical art. 

Magical Mind TV is an artwork itself broadcast also via internet and other non profit TV networks, whose mission is to inspire the world through all forms of art and artistic expression  and create the better place for all of us. Therefore we encourage creative people from all over the world to join us at the artistic journey of self-discovery, where you can have a positive impact through spirituality that has nothing to do with religion or what you believe in but with your state of consciousness.

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